. . . Newsletter - CO2 Bucket Complete kit in pump. - CO2 Bucket Refill Its time to take your indoor gardening to the next level with Co2Boost. Just plug in our CO2Boost pump and watch as your plants health and size increase daily! If used properly, CO2Boost provides your plants with CO2 for a full 90 days. Once the bucket is activated it has a maximum life of 90 days, after that we suggest purchasing a Bucket Refill. Depending on your ppm monitor our buckets have read anywhere from 3000-5000 ppms of consistent CO2 flow upon activation. CO2 Boost Bucket StarLight V4.5   from Introducing the new Starlight V4.5 The StarLight V4.5 will move your grow lights back and forth up to a 2m metre, user adjustable span, ensuring even light distribution and allowing you to position your lights closer to your plants. Easy to install Reliable and economical to run (12 watts ). Fully adjustable time delay Magnetic sensor technology Lamp travel can be adjustable to any desired length. Brings your lighting closer to your plants without any fear of scorching or static hotspots Fully adjustable time delay Perfect choice for your Diamond, Eco-Light & Eco-Barn Reflectors Supports reflectors up to 10kg Offers you simplicity, durability and ease of installation Next generation Design for ultimate reliability.   Save electricity and increase your effective growing area up to 60% Growing plants with only Stationary Lights Stationary lights create shade under the leaf canopy due to the light being mainly absorbed by the top vegetation. This can cause a colour spectrum shift under the canopy which can produce leggy growth. Uneven distribution of light energy can cause plants to bend toward the highest point of light intensity which may result in less than optimal growth. Growing plants using the StarLight Rail system Using a StarLight light rail system you can eliminate the permanent shade areas you have when using a static lighting system. STARLIGHT kit contains: - 2 metal rails of 1.1m - 1 motor 220V power cord of 4.1 m - 2 auxiliary carriages - 2 additional spare wheels Translated Ecotechnics User Guides in PDF format click the image for each user guide below  Evolution Controlador de dióxido de carbono Guía del usuario Evolution Controlador digital de velocidad de ventiladores Guía del usuario Español    Español   
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Unis Controlador de CO2 Guía del usuario Español    User guides Translated into Spanish for Unis, Evolution CO2 and Evolution Digital Fan Speed Controllers, available for download as PDF files Below.  StarLight Reflector Rail System overview video. Click on any of the images above to take you to the StarLight Rail System video on YouTube Ecotechnics are pleased to announce new product packaging 1. Evolution Digital Fan Speed Controller 2. Evolution Carbon Dioxide Controller 3. Carbon Dioxide Regulator 4. PowerStar Power Contactor (1,2,3,4 way) 5. PowerStar Pro Power Contactor (2 and 4 way) 6. Unis Carbon Dioxide Complete Kit 7. Precision Interval Timer (seconds and Minutes) Ecotechnics Info PDF 400mm and 800mm Coolshade Reflectors Ecotechnics Information PDF  600mm Coolshade Reflector Ecotechnics Information PDF  1000mm Coolshade Ecotechnics Info PDF reflectors:Diamond, Eco-Light, Eco-Barn Ecotechnics Information PDF Gas Regulator Ecotechnics Info PDF  Evolution Gas Analyser November 2011 NEW: Product Information Safety/Assembly Sheets Image showing: StarLight Rail System plus the extension kit showing a typical setup using StarLight Rail V4.5 system with 2 Diamond Reflectors StarLight Rail System V4.5: 2 x 1100mm rails 2 x cable carriages 2 x magnetic L clamps for setting travel distance of reflector on the rail 1 x motorised reflector hanger carriage plus all screws, nuts and bolts needed Extenson  kit: StarLight Rail System extension kit consists of the following items: 2 x 1100mm rails 2 x 1000mm threaded extension bar 1 x extension bar connector 1 x reflector hanger carriage plus all screws, nuts and bolts needed. November 2011 New Product: Extension kit for StarLight Rail System Add a second reflector to your StarLight Rail System. August 2011 August 2011 This fertilizer has been produced using natural resources of Bats dropping sediment. This deposit, through hundred of years has been decomposed and naturally processed. Guanokalong is 100% organic phosphorus-fertiliser with a lot more macro and micro contents. You will love the taste of your natural grown products. Increased resistance of the plant against diseases and fungi. Indoor and outdoor use, efficient, practical and odourless. Mix Guanokalong with your used soil again and again. Also use fertilisers like fishmeal for Nitrogen (N), sugar cane powder for Potassium (K) and seaweed calcium to stabilise the ph-level of your soil. Guanokalong is a pure natural fertiliser. For this reason the composition of macro and micro elements may vary a little bit. Adds a lot of P and also N, K, S, Ca/Mg, micro-elements and enzymes. Acceleration of root structuring (ideal for cuttings). Exuberant topping.   The macro nutritive elements containing NITROGEN, PHOSPHOR, POTASSIUM and SULPHUR perfected by other necessary micro elements, which are beneficial for plants. Guanokalong Box Qty Products Guano Kalong Grow 1ltr Guano Kalong Bloom 1ltr Guano Soil Mix bag Guano Soil Mix 1kg tub Guano Liquid Extract 1ltr 10 10 n/a 18 21 Guanokalong Grow Guanokalong Bloom Guanokalong Soil Mix 45 Litre Guanokalong Powder Guanokalong Extract This fantastic new product for blooming contains both Bio-Minerals and Bio-Stimulators. Atami is well known for using both high quality ingredients and her spectacular low prices. Bloombastic Box 1 LITRE TERRA LEAVES 100 ML ROOT-C 1 LITRE TERA MAX 100 ML ATA ZYME 250 ML BLOOMBASTIC GROW GUIDE Compared to other cocktails Bloombastic contains at least  50% more phosphorus and potassium and does not contain ballast ingredients like sodium or chlorine. The U-Gro coco soil made from the husk of the coconut, is an alternative growing medium to the traditional substrates. Washed in salt free water The U-Gro coco soil has been designed and developed especially for the most demanding growers and is suitable for all plants, in the interior and exterior. It has excellent water retention and aeration, enabling a faster root development. It is free from soil pathogens, odours, stones, roots and other impurities and is biodegradable and eco-friendly as it is produced from regrowing raw material. In order to insure constantly a maximum quality of the U-Gro products, our internal laboratory carries out exhaustive quality controls based on random samples. 9 Litre 60 Litre Litres Dimensions Products 15 Litre U-Gro Small U-Gro XL U-Gro Pot 4 U-Gro Pot 9 U-Gro Pot 60 U-Gro Slab 20x10x5.5cm 30x30x12cm 13x13x6.5cm 18x18x6.5cm 30x30x12cm 100x15x3cm 11L 70L 4L 9L 60L 15L