Tel: 07388 420 365 Evolution Carbon Dioxide kit: Evolution CO2 Controller Evolution CO2 Analyser CO2 Gas Regulator Full Carbon Dioxide Complete Kit Automate your Fans and Heaters in your growing environment with our next generation Evolution Fan Speed controller from Ecotechnics. Carbon Dioxide Controller Digital Fan Speed Controller Automate your CO2 levels in your growing environment with our next generation Evolution Carbon Dioxide controller from Ecotechnics.
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Unis  CO2 Controller User friendly CO2 Controller. Easy to setup, just dial in your room size connect the regulator up and your set to go. CO2 Analyser Evolution carbon dioxide analyser for use with the Evolution CO2 controller Unis CO2 Controller Complete kit User friendly CO2 Controller Kit Unis CO2 controller CO2 Gas Regulator PowerStar Contactor High Power, reliable contactor Available in 1way, 2way, 3way and 4way products CO2 Regulator CO2 Gas Bottle Regulator PowerStar Pro Contactor High Power, reliable contactor with built in timer (standard/grasslin) Available in 2,4,6 and 8way products. Precision Interval Timer Minutes Precision Interval Timer Seconds ON: 15 seconds - 4 mins OFF: 60 seconds - 16 mins ON: 1 min - 16 mins OFF: 16 mins - 4 hours Full Details Full Details Replacement  Temperature & Humidity Sensor Temperature and Humidity Sensor from Ecotechnics for use with Evolution Digital Fan Speed Controller. Full Details