. . . Rotary Fan Speed Controller Full Details Take control of Temperature and Humidity with our Evolution rotary fan speed controller in your growing environment with our range of easy to use rotary controllers from Ecotechnics New Product Eco-Sense Full Details Ecotechnics Hand Held Sensor. New Product Product Status: Available Soon Product Status: Available Soon PowerStar Pro: 2 way & 4 way. Ecotechnics are pleased to announce the release and immediate availability of the new Powerstar Pro Contactor with 2 way and 4 way versions. Building upon the success of the Ecotechnics PowerStar Pro Contactor, this new compact design brings you all the advantages of the PowerStar pro in a slimmer case with 2 way and 4 way socket options. This new PowerStar Pro has the same choice of timers as the larger PowerStar Pro's with either the standard timer or the Grasslin Timer. New Product Product Status: Available Now
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